How does it work?

Nearby Notification

Notifications with the Ma Balise Nearby Platform

Get beacons

Find our tags directly in our online shop.

Create a campaign

Create mobile optimised content with the tools we provide. Simply by "drag/drop" create fabulous campaigns.

Generate QR codes

Generate dynamic QR Code for your campaign with our platform Ma Balise Nearby .

Deploy & analyze

Deploy your NFC tags, Bluetooth (BLE) tags and QR Codes on site and mesure response.

Because today, having a website isn't enought. Guide your customers directly to your pages with MaBalise.

What's included?


Nearby Ma Balise Platform Phone Balise Nearby

Content mobile adapted !

ALL In 1 from our dashboard

Create your landing Pages, Create your Coupons, Create your Reward Programs, Create your Offers, Create your Digital Business cards & Add your tags for FREE.

Creating pages by drag/Drop

Start Selling, Marketing, Video, Ecommerce, Business Cards, or Properties by simply drag blocs on place. No need to know html.

QR Codes

Generate dynamic QR Code for each campaign.

Deploy & analyse

Deploy the NFC tags, BLE beacons or QR codes on location and measure the response.

Our Platform let you add as much tags and QR Code allowed by your subscription. Giving you a full flexibility, and not per tag as the others do.

Direct access

Assist your clients to your website.

Do not risk that your customers surf on the site of your competitors. Guide them directly to yours with Ma Balise.

Enter the era of retail 3.0, with Ma Balise.